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Kicked to the Curb

Now that Cubs have made the decision to add Andrew Cashner as the club’s fifth the starter the question becomes what do they do with Carlos Silva?  Obviously, they are going to try to trade him but I don’t have any confidence that Hendry is going to pull it off.  At this point in his career Silva is an emergency pitcher.  He is the kind of guy you keep around in case one of your top five goes down with injury.  This statement creates a couple of problems.

The first is that Silva is owed 11.5 million dollars this year.  Who is going to accept that kind of salary from their 6th or 7th starter.  Even if the Cubs do unload him it will most likely be under the condition that they pick up the bulk of that number.

The second problem, and probably the most telling, is that Silva doesn’t view himself as a backup.  Something in that bacon grease soaked brain of his is telling him that he is still a front line starter and everyone around is just being so mean to him (you were supposed to read that last line in a whiny baby voice).  He has reportedly said their is “No chance” that he will be joining the Cub’s triple-A affiliate.  Oh, and he took some parting shots at the Cub’s pitching coach Mark Riggins.  Classy move Carlos.

Baseball is a numbers game and Silva is in denial if he thinks his numbers are front line quality.  Last year was only the second time since he has become a starter that he has had a winning record.  The second time.  In seven years.  He had one of those years for the Cubs so I think Cubs fans don’t realize how big of an outlier that is.  But hey maybe he played on some mediocre teams who didn’t give him a lot of support.  Sure, maybe.  Except he has a career ERA of 4.68.  That leans toward the shitty side of average.  You suck Carlos.  I’ll be glad when you are someone else’s problem.

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