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Just Kill Me Now

Best Rivarly Ever!

Here’s a riddle, how do you take the best thing ever, and make it the worst?  Add the Yankees and the Red Sox.  Is there anything more overplayed than this horribly overrated rivalry?  This rivalry is as overrated as having babies.  Did you know that you don’t get to copulate any further once that happens, and after you have to raise a little asshole version of you?   It’s the second worst, behind Red Sox-Yankees.  Every year baseball is infested by morons from outside the sport talking about how great these 7 hour slap fights are.  How can so many people think this is a great rivalry?

Have these two cities ever actually fought over anything?  It’s not like Mizzou and Kansas where a rivalry was born out of people actually killing each other, it’s just a bunch of pompous assholes arguing over who paid more for their education. On top of that how can this even be a rivalry?  It’s like calling Nebraska v. Kansas football a rivalry, yeah they’ve been playing for a long time, but if one team is generally good, and the other is almost always bad, is it really a rivalry?  The Yankees have won 27 World Series titles and 40 A.L. pennants, the Red Sox, 7 World Series Wins and 12 Pennants. On top of that, over 110 years of meeting the Yankees have won almost 200 more games.  Now that seems close, but think about it, that means the Yankees win about 1.7 more games a year over the Red Sox than vice versa.

Further, can many of these players really understand how much the fans think this means?  Generally, the players in this series roll in and out faster than John Calipari’s basketball players.  Eleven of the current Yankees were in the organization in 2008, and 15 of the Red Sox.  This means that 3 years ago, there was about one active roster of players between the two teams.  This doesn’t even include all the players in and out during those years.  Can it really be a rivalry if the players genuinely have no sense of the meaning?  Yeah they’ve heard about it, but do they really get it?  You can make the same argument about college kids, but most college kids have been living X for a few years hating Y, its slightly different on a college campus than it is in the professional realm.

This “rivalry” absolutely pisses on baseball about 20 times a year every year.  It seems like they play every weekend and every paint drying second is on TV.  Watching the Yankees play the Red Sox anywhere but the East coast is like watching trees grow.  The beginning was exciting because you thought something good was going to happen, then you stick around for a while and nothing happens, but if you come back 35 years later you can see the end result.  I hate the Yankees Red Sox, I hate them like Koopa Troopas hate Mario.  Seriously I don’t even think they know they are bad guys.  I think Mario may actually be the bad guy, in the real world if a guy in suspenders was running around jumping on turtles, punching a dinosaur in the back of the head to force him to eat everything, would you think he was a hero?  No, you wouldn’t, so why do we make such a hero out of this villain of a “rivalry?”  We shouldn’t, it’s the worst, and I rest.

  1. April 8, 2011 at 7:12 am

    if you hate it, don’t watch it! it adds an exciting fan element- always have. that’s why the games ALWAYS sell out.
    even if it’s a crappy game, you have that rivalry to count on for entertainment.

    • BK
      April 8, 2011 at 1:11 pm

      It always sells out bc only the yankees and red sox fans care about the “rivalry.” My problem is that I live 1500 mi from the east coast and I have to constantly hear about it. I couldn’t care less about either of the teams but they get shoved down my throat. The rest of the country hates the yankees, and they really hate the red sox, so keep your 25million dollar seven hole in Boston and off my tv. That’s all I want.

  2. April 8, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    Until recently, I worked in television- and the ratings points are always high for Sox Yankees games. That’s why you’re bombarded. It’s ratings. So, apparently “the rest of the country” doesn’t hate them enough to not watch.

  3. NB
    April 8, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Here’s my take: it’s a chicken and egg situation. Yes the Yankees and Red Sox get high ratings now because they have so many “fans” worldwide. However fans generally choose teams by who they see the most, they’re easily influenced and that to which they can relate and understand quickly becomes what they like. The present generation of baseball fans are generally treated to the national broadcasts of ESPN, Fox and TBS. This means that generally, their options about 70% of the year involves the Yankees or Red Sox. Thus they begin to relate to and understand Yankees and Red Sox, and become fans of the aforementioned teams. My whole point of this article, other than to spew hate at two teams I despise passionately, was to point out the fact that there are folks who hate this East Coast superiority complex and would just as soon watch the Colorado Silver Bullets play at the Reno Diamonds than another rendition of Yankees Red Sox. I mean at least that game would be played on a life-size major league field.

  4. Alexia
    April 9, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    I hate this rivalry as well, and particularly like how you equate watching them to watching paint dry or trees grow. Just because both teams have large budgets, can pretty much get any player they want, and are in large cities on the East Coast, they should not get such a ridiculous amount of airtime. I would rather watch any other teams play, and it pretty much ruins my weekend when I turn on FOX Saturday or ESPN Sunday night baseball and see a Yankees Red Sox game. Enough said.

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