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The Mets Sure Suck….Right Now.


The first thing you will notice when you look at the National League rosters compared to the American League rosters is how young the NL players are.  Weird, right?  Because I thought every good baseball player was pushing 35 but maybe thats because the only games that ever get shown on TV are Yankees/Red Sox games.  Its crazy to think that some teams out there are currently developing talent instead of just auctioning the same old players.  How did that work out Tampa?  Here are just a few, of the loooong list, of solid young players that we think are poised for a break out this year.

The Braves have a slew of good young players who could break out this year.  Both Craig Kimbrel and Johnny Venters have the stuff to be dominant closers.  The big name, and probably the ROY favorite, is first baseman Freddie Freeman.  He has that effortless left handed swing that just looks like it comes naturally.  He doesn’t have great power numbers that you would normally want to see in your first basemen but the Braves know how to develop players.  They will let the power come naturally rather than pressure Freeman to lift the baseball.

After selling off much of their starting lineup this off season the D-Backs are poised to have a below average (well below average for the good teams) season.  This might be the last chance for Justin Upton to prove to his club that he is the superstar that everyone has been saying he could be (The same could probably be said for his brother in Tampa).  He could put up great numbers and be re-signed or he might be shipped off the trading deadline.

The Pirates are another team that seems to always be rebuilding but this time they seem to actually have some talent that might be major league ready.  First among them is Neil Walker, the rare second basemen with a little bit of power.  He is off to a strong start and if he keeps it up he might be in line for all star appearance given how young and weak the Pirates are.

We all know the Mets are going to suck.  They usually do suck despite have one of the largest payrolls in the NL.  They are habitually banged up and constantly underachieving.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that they have some good, young talent ready to take over when they finally decide give up on their aging semi-stars.  Josh Thole won the starting catching job out of spring training and is among an increasing number of talented young catchers.  He seems to be one of the few who can handle the bat as well as pitching staff.

The Mets also have my pick for this years breakout player in young first basemen Ike Davis.  He doesn’t hit for a ton of power yet but he does has a 6’4” frame and the potential is there.  Davis is also one of those guys who seems to always get the hit with runners in scoring position.  To me, a guy who is going to be a star is the one who gets better when there is pressure.  I think he is one of those guys.

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