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Pulling a Mike Cameron

One of these guys made the most famous comeback of all time, the other nobody understands how he keeps coming back. Up to you to figure it out.

This blog died for a bit (along with my laptop) but I’m going to attempt to bring it back from the dead, much like my favorite movie genre (Zombie flicks).  For those who don’t know I had a laptop die on me and when I got it back I neglected to continue writing, but through some very influential requests I’m going to re-begin KillWhiteyHerzog at the All-Star break.  The first posts will be about how horribly misguided all my efforts were to pick the winners of various awards, and some seriously pumped writing about a Cubs fan enjoying the Pirates making the others from the NL Central shake in their boots.  I apologize about the break, especially during a critical time , but the second half this blog will bring very minimal insights and  hopefully some humor to anyone ridiculous enough to waste time reading.  Thank you and Best,


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