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Who We Are

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Welcome to Kill Whitey (Herzog)

This is a blog about Major League Baseball.  We are not experts, nor will we ever claim to be, thus we can’t promise any deep expert analysis, or over the top statistical evaluations.  Further, we aren’t journalists, thus we can’t promise any inside scoops or breaking news from the locker rooms.  Lastly, we aren’t professional ballplayers, thus don’t anticipate insight into the minds of players or anecdotes from our playing days.  What we are, however, is assholes who love this game of baseball.  Kill Whitey (Herzog) is a blog for fans who really care about the game and do their best thinking with a couple beers in them.  Share your opinions as long as they are like ours:  strong and based on little to no research.  Enjoy.