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Worst Person of the Day

April 13, 2011 1 comment

Josh Hamilton sucks.  Not in the baseball sense mind you.  He is the reigning MVP and he deserved to win the award.  He’s a great player he sucks as a person.  Hamilton wants you to believe he is a great guy, a great husband, a great teammate but I’m not buying it.  Maybe he is a nice guy.  I don’t know because I have never met him.  Is he the best husband?  Well obviously not.  But hey, he is a professional athlete and there is a lot of temptation out there.  What I do know is that he is a shitty teammate.

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So happy I almost cried

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

I am a manager guy.  I love when baseball is played in my perceived “right way” where you string together a couple hits with a sacrifice and a stolen base for a big inning.  I love when a pitcher gets five straight ground outs, or gives up a big fly and then hits the guy in the ribs for admiring it the next time he’s at the dish.  I love the little games that go back and forth between the dugouts throughout a contest, and then watching the managers act like they aren’t stealing signs.  I am a manager guy.  As such I have a very definitive mental ranking as far as my favorite managers go throughout the Bigs.  First, and by so far he’s not getting caught, is the genius Ron Gardenhire.  The Twins take the field year after year and win.  Morneau’s out for the season? Who cares we’ll make the playoffs with Jason Kubel and Delmon Young picking up the slack.  Trading away our ace? Gardy knew what he was doing.  My second favorite manager has always been in flux.  Before today it was Mike Scioscia after I watched him get the heave-ho in a Spring Training game earlier this week, and the report came out that not a single pitcher under his watchful eye has had Tommy John surgery during his 11 year tenure with the Angels.  Hell, Doc Sadler of Nebraska basketball can’t even boast that kind of streak.  When it hasn’t been Scioscia it’s been Joe Maddon of the Rays, Tyrone Biggums for the Rangers, or Bobby Cox who I’m going to miss this year.  However a new sheriff strode into town today blowing away the competition like a Candygram for Mongo.

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