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Why Albert Pujols Will Not Win Another MVP

March 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Its not about the money, its about respect....and the money.

The Most Valuable Player award is supposed to go to the player who had the best season.  Now we know that doesn’t always happen.  For example, every Red Sox fan knows, even if they won’t admit it because thats just the way they are, there is no way Dustin Pedroia should have won the MVP in 2008.  He didn’t even have the best numbers on his own team! But this isn’t about the past.  There will be plenty of time to hammer everyone’s least favorite team.  This is about this year.  Who will be the new NL MVP?

Now the point of this exercise is not for me to pick who I want to be the MVP but who I predict will win.  Naming a winner is not a clear cut case of who had the best season.  It should be, but its not.  Too much emphasis is put on how the team as a whole does.  Instead of the best player winning the award it becomes the best player on the best team wins the award.  So, what I am saying is that other factors need to be considered besides who has the best numbers.

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The Worst League’s MVP

March 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Still Waiting On His MVP...

Oh, the Junior Circuit.  I’m doing my best not to be biased but I don’t care for A.L. baseball, hate most of the teams and don’t generally watch.  I’m qualified to pick an A.L MVP like Cordell Walker is a peaceful negotiator.  However, I’m going to do it anyways because, like David Eckstein, I do my damndest even if I’m completely unqualified.  Josh Hamilton won the award last year absolutely tearing the cover off the ball despite injuries and jumping on and off the wagon like a kid playing Oregon Trail. Actually I think he was sober all of last year, but that picture is just too good.  I think he has a lineup around him that will give him a serious chance at repeating, however there are numerous other candidates with a real chance at winning, and I’m not sure the Rangers will get the wins they piled up last year to support his bid.   Thus further discussion is necessary.

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The Week Ahead…

March 30, 2011 Leave a comment

No Caption, Just Love Leslie Nielsen

Thank the ghost of Nate Dogg baseball season is almost here.  With the start of the season we will be putting out some predictions about what we believe will happen in the coming season.  We generally have little to no basis for our predictions other than our Frank Drebin like poor instincts and Darwin Award-like intelligence.  Three dead people references in one paragraph!  Anyways, we will make the predictions starting with the MVP races, followed by Cy Young, Breakout players, guy you will hate by the end of the year, division winners, and World Series Champs.  Hopefully we can spark some conversation, or argument.  If not, well then we’re geniuses and got it all right.

Why are we so bothered?

March 27, 2011 1 comment

Trust me guys, cheating is cool.

Allow me to preface this.  I don’t agree with what Barry Bonds, Raphael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa, Mark Mcgwire or any of the other juice-heads did.  The peddling of illegal drugs doesn’t interest me, and I’m in a profession where I see lives destroyed by drugs on a regular basis.  I don’t differentiate between steroids and the methamphetamines ruining our rural areas, or the cocaine and heroin tearing apart our inner cities.  Is heroin still a problem?  The Lizard King says yes.  For those of you skeptical of steroids being put into this category, tell that to the family of “The Canadian Crippler,” or the Marerro family.  Steroids are a drug, and a drug which can lead to heavy depression with dangerous and violent results.  For that reason I detest steroids.  However, from a strictly baseball standpoint, I actually don’t understand what all the fuss is about.   Is this really a game where we abhor cheating?  Really? (Editor’s note, I hate Tony Danza strictly because he was a pretend second baseman for the Cardinals).

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Kicked to the Curb

March 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Now that Cubs have made the decision to add Andrew Cashner as the club’s fifth the starter the question becomes what do they do with Carlos Silva?  Obviously, they are going to try to trade him but I don’t have any confidence that Hendry is going to pull it off.  At this point in his career Silva is an emergency pitcher.  He is the kind of guy you keep around in case one of your top five goes down with injury.  This statement creates a couple of problems.

The first is that Silva is owed 11.5 million dollars this year.  Who is going to accept that kind of salary from their 6th or 7th starter.  Even if the Cubs do unload him it will most likely be under the condition that they pick up the bulk of that number.

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Royals fans, hire a chiropractor….

March 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Hanley Ramirez thought this was a poor effort

God Bless the Kansas City Royals.  God Bless them as hard as he/she/it possibly can.  Last year the Royals absolutely tore the cover off the ball, you know for the Royals.  They were second in the AL in batting average and hits, however most of their hits went only for singles, and strictly when nobody was on base.  They had a serious problem getting runners in, to the clip of  Tenth in the AL in runs scored.  Michael Jordan had more RBI’s in his one season as a Baron than all but 3 players in a Royals uniform in 2010.  Really let that sink in.  They were second in the league in hits, and Michael Jordan, a .202 hitter, had more RBI’s than did any Royal not named Butler (78), Betancourt (78), or Guillen (62) in 2010, and he took time off to save the Looney Tunes.  And this was the bright spot.  Royals pitching in 2010?  Dead last in ERA, and it wasn’t close.  This is a sinking ship.  So when there’s a hole in the side of a sinking ship what do you do? If you said bore a hole in the other side of the ship to, you know, even it out, you are more than qualified to captain the S.S. Kansas City Royals.

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Now What Barry?

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

There are two things in this world that I know for sure:  1.  Evolution is real 2.  Barry Bonds knowingly used performance enhancers.  Now, I know number one is still up for debate is some of the neckier parts of the country but I think number two is something we can all agree on.  This case is now actually going to trial and Barry is screwed.  Nobody in their right mind is going to believe that he took the drugs unknowingly.  Maybe if the prosecution accidentally put a racist on the stand he would have a shot, but I can’t imagine the Feds making the same mistake as L.A. county.

So what is he supposed to do now.  Its too late to get a good deal so I guess he just has to stick with his story to the end right?  Maybe not.  I thought ESPN’s Mike Salk brought up an interesting point the other day:  blame the system.  I know, I know.  Just bear with me for a minute.  I said the same thing.  Sure its completely bullshit but the more I think about it the more I think that it could work.

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